Bride Amelie

Bride Amelie | France

Romain proposed to Marie in Nice, one winter evening, in March 2019. We very quickly agreed that we would get married in the summer of 2020, we were in a hurry to form a family, but it took time to organize the wedding of our dreams. We quickly began our research to find the ideal place, but also a caterer, a photographer, our outfits … In February 2020 we were already very well advanced in the organization of our wedding when the covid entered our lives, and came to slip into all this preparation. Then of course began a period of doubt, questions … 

We were very impatient to unite but it was out of the question to make our families take any risks. We approached this period of doubt calmly, step by step. The idea of ​​a possible postponement arose of course, we agreed with our service providers just in case on a new date, in 2021.

Bride Amelie

We really felt lucky they all agreed and showed their understanding without constraints if necessary. We finally, after long months of doubt and with the support of our loved ones, decided to maintain our initial date, August 22, 2020. We had planned a cocktail outside as well as a reception in a tent, which reassured our guests. 
As for the religious ceremony, measures of distancing were of course taken, and 

respected without the slightest problem. Covid or not, our wedding was a dream come true. In this special year a good dose of happiness and love is invigorating, and reminds us that the moments of shared happiness are the most beautiful and the most important ones of our lives. Marie was finally able to put on her wonderful Rembo Styling dress after long months of waiting, and we finally said yes, that long awaited yes. Our wedding was a real breath of fresh air for all of our guests. Despite our questions, the virus was not at the heart of the discussions, it was simply good to live, and to meet after these complicated months and far from our loved ones. We are delighted to have maintained our marriage despite everything, the covid should not prevent us from living, we just have to take into account some new health constraints to keep everyone safe.