Bride Dani | Germany

Dear ones, do it! We were spontaneous and it was perfect! ❤️

As the owner of a bridal boutique, I was able to experience for myself what it means to be a bride-to-be for the last few days and weeks!

The mixture of huge anticipation, stress of preparation and fear that the government will force us to cancel everything again because of COVID-19 was really exciting! But who am I telling this ?!

The adventure started at the end of July when my boyfriend made the most beautiful proposal I could wish for at a bay of Kos! We didn’t want to wait any longer and so we didn’t even have 7 weeks to plan everything for our civil wedding! 🌸Our motto: 70ies! 🌸

Everything came together and went just perfectly!

I chose my dream dress “Amelie” from the newly arrived collection 2021! With this dress I immediately had the famous “Magic Moment”! 💫

Photographer, florist and our rings, everything could be organized on time! I did the decoration myself with the help of my sister! We decorated our garden until midnight the day before the wedding. (The best remedy for excitement and for a guaranteed tight sleep: decorate until you drop!)

Bride Dani | Germany

On the wedding day, my dad picked me up in a beautiful old VW Beetle (my childhood dream!). In a very classic way, he took me to the registry office and handed me over to my boyfriend / husband. After the wedding ( only 9 of us were allowed to enter the registry office) an incredible number of dear friends were waiting for us outside! We all moved, with us upfront in the “Käfer” and with hippie music, to our garden for a Prosecco reception.

There we celebrated and danced with all our beloved ones until half past four in the morning! What can I say?! It was the perfect day!

I can assure you: Spontaneously, with a little creativity and a lot of love, you can celebrate an unforgettable wedding! Dare to!

This crazy times made something clear to us: “The time is now! You never know what tomorrow will come!” That’s why we would never have missed the opportunity to get married and celebrate this day! Even if it had only been for us two! Because at the end it’s not about the biggest party, but about saying “yes” to each other! And nobody should postpone that!