A new party season begins!

Fresh Party Collection pieces, ready to grace your upcoming big events

Our “La Folie” collection welcomes an expansion of colours and styles to its catalogue! 
Featuring timeless, elegant designs, we offer an exclusive assortment of short, fun looks, long dresses with movement, and sophisticated styles. These designs cater not only to the needs of a bridal squad and guests but also to the needs of the mothers of the brides!

Choosing your favourite piece in your favourite colour has never been easier! Hues such as lime, purple, dark blue and brick expand the Party Collection’s colour catalogue for both new and previous looks. Matching perfectly with our bridal collection, the new party looks come as an answer to brides looking for their “picture-perfect bridal squad” and to guests looking for an easy-to-wear, stylish party outfit.

Build your bridal squad with mismatched colours of the same look, different looks with the same colour or similar toned looks! Catering to your bridesmaids’ preferences and staying true to your wedding theme is uncomplicated with our Party Collection looks.

Dive into our fresh proposals that make every woman feel unique, fashionable and comfortable. Mixing comfort with durability in high-end fabrics, every piece is made with the pure craftsmanship characteristic of Rembo Styling. Our party collection is produced on demand in our Portuguese atelier, setting us apart from the general market and enabling greater personalisation, while ensuring fast delivery times for every order.

Find your favourite Party Collection looks in our sales points now!