Match your dress to the venue for a symphony of effortless style

One of the first things you’ll consider when planning your wedding is your venue. You might already have the perfect place in mind, or perhaps you’re still exploring all the beautiful options available. Whatever stage you’re at, we know your next search will be for your wedding dress!

Enhance your natural elegance and style with a handmade, high-quality dress that complements the venue you’ve booked! Get inspired by our real brides in their unique venues and find the perfect bridal gown to match your special day.


Rustic charm meets natural beauty in a forest venue! A magical woodland is the perfect setting, whether you prefer a chic affair or an intimate gathering. Our Magnifique wedding dress, featuring elegant lace details and a sophisticated feel, allows our brides to shine against the natural surroundings of their venue!

If flower and nature inspired laces are your favourite feature in a dress, consider a few of our other stunning styles! The Lily of the Valley dress with stunning leaf embroidery on the flowy skirt, is a perfect match for the empowering trees of a forest venue. Our sustainable Nature dress with small flower lace all over will add a whimsical touch to your special day.


A beach wedding venue is a breathtaking and serene setting, where the gentle sound of waves and the golden hues create a romantic and heavenly atmosphere. With its delicate lace top and light flowy skirt in chiffon, the Maya wedding dress is a favourite of our brides for their beach weddings!

The fresh and charming Nectar dress is the ideal option for those looking for a short sleeved gown that is light and comfortable for a full day at the beach! If a full flower lace look is more of your vibe, consider the enchanting and fluid Merveilleuse dress for your beach venue wedding.


For our chic modern brides, a city wedding venue offers architectural marvels and a special dynamic energy. Our brides chose the Muse dress, with its intricate lace details and sophisticated air, to match their contemporary and stylish celebrations!

If you’re in love with elegant flower laces but want a sleeveless wedding dress, check out our Native dress! A natural, chic and contemporary design to match your urban elegance. For city brides who want a short but elegant dress, the minimal Isabel is the perfect option.

Escape the ordinary and find your dream dress that effortlessly complements your chosen venue with Rembo Styling! Follow our social media for daily inspiration and sign up to our newsletter to receive special news before everyone else.