From one Bride to another…

Tying the knot during a pandemic.

Times are challenging and we can only imagine what our brides have been through the past months.
So much uncertainties and nobody who can predict what the future holds.
What to do with all your plans made? Postponing your wedding? For how long?

This way, want to encourage all our brides to still celebrate love.

We collected some heartwarming testimonials from our lovely brides from around the world that decided to Say Yes in these challenging times.

Their emotion is the purest and we’re so grateful for their optimism and honesty. We hope their story will inspire and encourage you, that even in these strange times a wedding day can still be filled with emotions and celebrations.

Bride Dani | Germany

Bride Dani | Germany

Dear ones, do it! We were spontaneous and it was perfect! ❤️
As the owner of a bridal boutique, I was able to experience for myself what it means to be a bride-to-be for the last few days and weeks! The mixture of huge anticipation, stress of preparation and fear that the government will force us to cancel everything again because of COVID-19 was really exciting! But who am I telling this ?!
The adventure started at the end of July when my boyfriend made the most beautiful proposal I could wish for at a bay of Kos! We didn’t want to wait any longer and so we didn’t even have 7 weeks to plan everything for our civil wedding!
🌸Our motto: 70ies! 🌸 read more…

Bride Anna | Spain

We decided to celebrate our wedding because time passes and does not return.
We did not want to stop the plans we have in life, as life goes on and you have to adapt because today may be the Covid but we do not know what will come tomorrow.
We made a brave decision and everything went great !!

Bride Evelyn | Ireland

Bride Evelyn | Irland

We are based in Dublin, Ireland and had originally planned to get married on 1st May but had to postpone due to Government restrictions.
We rescheduled to the 28th August and had to reduce our guest list from 220 to 50 people (that was the toughest part).
Then 9 days before our wedding we had to change our venue, again due to Government restrictions.
In the end we had the most amazing day and it didn’t feel any less special. We were so happy to share our day with our 50 guests. Everyone did their best to make sure we had a great day full of fun, laughter and love. The only negative was the day went far too quickly.

Bride Jemima | Spain

Bride Jemima | Spain

My name is Jemima, and my wedding date was 12th of April 2020, but we were in lockdown.
After the initial discouragement and after postponing the wedding date 2 times, we celebrate it the 18th of July, in the middle of the pandemic, and everybody had really sensitive feelings, which made our day even more special and emotional.
I think that we even had a better moment to share our happiness and celebrate life.

Bride Amelie | France

Bride Amelie

Romain proposed to Marie in Nice, one winter evening, in March 2019. We very quickly agreed that we would get married in the summer of 2020, we were in a hurry to form a family, but it took time to organize the wedding of our dreams.
We quickly began our research to find the ideal place, but also a caterer, a photographer, our outfits … In February 2020 we were already very well advanced in the organization of our wedding when the covid entered our lives, and came to slip into all this preparation.
Then of course began a period of doubt, questions …  We were very impatient to unite but it was out of the question to make our families take any risks. read more…