Designer’s Tips

Give your dress a second life

At Rembo Styling we care about (y)our future. We’re convinced we can make a difference by being more conscious about our environment and look for solutions how to make less waste. As a family business with a transfer from the third to the fourth generation, we are more aware than ever that we have to take care of our future for the next generations. This is a challenge as we make dresses that are meant for a once in a lifetime event. We’ve challenged ourselves to come up with some cool tips to extend the lifetime of your wedding dress after you got married!

1.You can make your dress shorter to wear it at another party or event. You can even simplify or even add some details to the dress to make it totally different but still be able to wear it again. Creating a new look with your wedding dress will give it a longer lifetime and at the same time, the fast fashion circuit is not applauded!

2. You can get really creative and make new meaningful objects with the fabric of your dress. You can make pillows, baptism clothes or you can even use a piece of lace and make it into jewelry! Just give the fabric of your dress a new destination and all the beautiful memories will last!

3. You can always donate it to make someone else happy with your beautiful dress. You can help someone else while giving your dress a second life.

This is one of the things we want to do to help the environment. It is a long process, but we are taking this project very seriously. Do you have any experience with zero waste and helping the environment? Do you have other ideas to give your dress a second life? Have you tried any of our tips? Share your thoughts! We are happy to learn from you!