Fall in love with the city vibes

Discover the urban feel and its magical places.

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For the affectionate creative couple, who finds themselves lost at museum dates and in between bookshop aisles, there is beauty in every corner, culture in every room and each building tells a story. It is not only about the engagement party or the wedding ring reflection portrayed in a photoshoot, but to embrace the urban feel and take a moment to breathe in between city lights and the architectural heritage that catches the eye.

Lately we have been drawn into more intimate, more personal and more private events. The idea of getting married in the city might be surprising if the imaginary of a loving wedding day was spent in a vineyard, a countryside venue, or a natural location where space wasn’t even a question. For every trend, a counterpart, and as if the scenario didn’t have its own identity, you can opt for different themed weddings, just a few steps away from each other. Every corner holds potential and carries its own magic.
If daydreaming about walking down the charming streets of Prague, exploring Soho or falling in love all over again for the movida of Seville, it comes down to which one best suits your imaginary.

Perfect dress for a modern-day fairy tale

Feeling the modern and chilled out vibes over here… our goal is to find a piece that perfectly suits your voice and your ambition! Our brides look for personality in each piece, love in each fabric and inspiration in every design. Let’s surround ourselves with the most romantic atmosphere, with a goddess touch only the most authentic pieces can provide.
Our choice is classic and romantic, effortless and exclusive. Cupido Cute will make you feel butterflies all over. Perfectly sized balloon sleeves, a statement that never feels overboard. A dress that feels majestic, yet light and feminine. Made in embroidered silk chiffon, it feels divine to the eyes and holds a magical textured touch. And the high waisted A-line silhouette falls perfectly with the V neckline in the front, elevating your figure.

Yet, magic happens when you turn and walk confidently, revealing a beautiful keyhole back. The lace on the waist and wrists, the detailed back and the glam feel, all combined in that outlet of contrasts, perfectly flowing with the wind as you dance.

You have everything you need in the heart of the city. In order to make your day unforgettable, you can choose beauty counters and experienced wedding planners, cake designers and the best bistro’s and florists. Everything ready for a memorable day, designed to stand out from the crowd and to blend into the most urban atmosphere. But first and foremost, it holds the magic of the special bond you share with one another.

Photo: @magdamariaphoto | Store: @elas_braeute | Styling: @la_beautehairstyle Flowers: @blumenlaube_ffm | Jewelry: @refinedbohemia