Meet Chiara! The woman behind the brand

Inspiring Women worldwide

My name is Chiara, proud member of the Rembo Styling family and always in to inspire women!

Today I’m feeling grateful. Grateful to work with an inspirational team of women, grateful to inspire brides worldwide and grateful to call the world my home.

Get to know her better!

What do you love most about where you live?
I live at the countryside, surrounded by nature. The perfect setting for outdoor walks in the weekend. Our head office is based in the vibrant city of Antwerp. A perfect balance between the best of both worlds!

A song that has been playing on repeat?
Oops, I’m not so much into music.. A danceable beat will do for me! 😊

Where does your drive come from?
It runs in our family! I was ‘born’ in the bridal world and I’ve seen my parents built up this beautiful company. Being able to continue their life project provides tons of energy and motivation!

A dress that screams your name!
My own wedding dress! I got married 5 years ago and still today I would choose my dress over and over again!

How do you manage your work-life balance?
It’s a daily challenge! Over time, I learned to schedule ‘me-time’ in my agenda to clear my mind so I can stay focused. Making time to exercise is my way to go and really makes me happy! Running, pilates, hockey, HIIT training… variety is key!

Weekend off, where are you going?
Off to the seaside with my little family! Getting a breath of fresh air, long bike rides and enjoying good food. Family time at its best!

Your favorite outfit?
Anything combined with a good pair of sneakers! At this moment I’m into the more colorful ones. And when it comes to my wardrobe I definitely prefer quality over quantity!

A quick message to our brides:
Dare to escape the ordinary and cheer yourself to the top! I am a proud member of the Rembo Styling family and always in to inspire you during your bridal journey.