Organizing a wedding abroad

Rembo Bride Testimonial


Today our adorable bride Sofie is happy to share her experience of organizing a wedding abroad with you! She got married in sunny Spain, surrounded by her close friends and family. We absolutely love beach weddings & are convinced her advice can inspire all of you!

Did you always wanted to get married?

When I was a very young girl I certainly dreamt of it. But when I met the love of my life, I started to want other things first, like buying a house and creating a true home for the two of us. And next, starting a family. We did not wanted not to get married, but other things seemed more important at the time.


How did you get inspired for your wedding?

Fourteen years before PJ’s proposal, we spent our summer holiday in Benicàssim (Spain), where my brother started following an Erasmus program nearby. Floating on an air mattress at the seaside of Benicàssim, we dreamt out loud of a beach wedding.







How did you decide on the location?

When PJ proposed, he proposed on one knee, with a ring ánd a formula for the wedding. He remembered exactly what we had been dreaming of so many years ago.


Why did you choose Rembo Styling?

I had looked up different collections online and when I got introduced to Rembo Styling, I literally said to my mum, I like áll dresses in this collection. The Bohemian chic attitude of Rembo Styling comes along with pureness and with natural grace. So we started looking for a shop in Valencia that sold this fashion brand. It took us only 40 minutes to find, fit and pay the perfect dress. Ain’t that efficient shopping?


What’s your tip for a future bride?

When it comes to the dress, list up what you do not like. It’s easier to exclude possible dresses and like this, you keep an open mind for what the collection has to offer.
When it comes to the whole wedding, follow your dreams. A year before the wedding, I would never have believed that I would get married and I would certainly never had believed that I would actually get the wedding of my dreams.



What moment did you most enjoy on your wedding day?​

PJ reading his personal vows to me. We decided together to have a very personal ceremony, that, of course, requires personal vows. When he read his beautiful vows to me, we were surrounded by our two daughters, parents, brothers, sisters and best friends. The sun was shining and reflecting on the water. What I heard, saw and felt at that specific moment, I will truly cherish. It was perfect, just perfect.


Three words that sum up your day?

A-whole-lot-of-joy (in short: joy)
A-heartwarming-entourage (in short: heartwarming of the family)
Follow-your-dreams (in short: dream)