Passport to 2023

Introducing our new designer, Paula Matthei

The bar is high for the new season, as we get ready to launch a new and exciting collection! We believe 2023 marks new beginnings both for us, as a brand, and to our dearest brides.

Today we meet our new designer, Paula!

Paula Matthei is a young bridal fashion designer from Chile. She lives in Madrid, loves nature, and brings her cultural background, curiosity, and grace to each design.

How are you feeling today?

Really good! I love Madrid and I just restarted my own brand four months ago. So it is all going really well. It’s easy to get inspired in the city by so many kinds of people from so many different countries. You have museums, art and culture in every street. Now I have a lot to bring from outside of Spain, and to get from Madrid.


Why did you start designing?

My background is in graphic design. But it was when my mother gave me a sewing machine that I realized I didn’t want to spend all my life in front of a screen. I knew I had good basis of graphics already, so I decided not to pursue it and start with fashion design instead. I’ve done haute couture in university. It all started from a lady I used to watch when I was a kid who came to fix clothes for the family.


What inspires you?

Vintage patterns or drawings, really old paintings, little details in the streets and museums. I get inspired by things that have nothing to do with fashion, essentially nature, mountains and trees. It can be anywhere, I could be watching a movie and if something that I see grabs my attention, I already see it in a dress.

What are some staples in your designs?

Every designer mutates in time and changes, but I really like the details that make a wow effect. I stick on to something that makes it special, and I really like the mixture of textures.


Your main concern when creating a dress?

One of the biggest is that the bride feels comfortable. I need to know everything from her lifestyle, likes and dislikes about her body, understand them, be empathic and design according to that person. The moment they are getting ready is a very special one, so I need to make sure a girl feels super comfortable.


A trend in fashion you absolutely love?

Volume! You have so many options of doing structure that does not limit the whole piece, like adding it to the sleeves, or even the skirt.


Favorite fabrics to work with?

I really like silk, cotton, sustainable viscose. On the rustic side, I like Iinen, and to be more delicate I love laces of cotton mixed with silk, resulting in sleek designs that might have some texture.

Any advice you would give to new brides?

Be open and honest but try things that you normally wouldn’t. You will be surprised about how your perspective changes. Another important thing is to be yourself, always, to be comfortable! The modern bride is going to give their life in the dancefloor, so always be yourself.


… and lastly, what defines you?

I live day by day. My wedding dress, for instance, I knew it from the very beginning and drew it 2 months before the wedding. For me the most important thing is I can live doing what I love.

Stay tuned to discover all the magic our New 2023 Collection will bring.

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