Ready for some California Dreamin’?

Finally, it’s almost time to reveal our brand new Rembo Styling 2019 collection!

We’ve been waiting to share this with you since forever and the moment is finally here (well… almost!)

Follow our social media channels over the coming weeks to get a glimpse of what’s new and be the first to discover our 2019 beauties! Dresses will be available in stores as of September.

In the meantime, we’ll spoil you with some details of what we’ve been working on!

The style of the new Rembo Styling 2019 collection is entirely designed for the Rembo bride, the image of which is a casual young ‘urban’ woman who follows fashion closely and wants to be surprised by something new.

The atmosphere remains ‘flowy’ but a tad more luxurious and the creations are more graphic than ever. Rembo Styling 2019 exudes ‘fashion’ and looks ‘edgy’. We step away from good-looking pieces and take off with geometric creations that are strongly delineated and whose edges and seams are finished with special lace. The dresses are more sensual with nicely worked out bare backs that turn into a flared bottom piece. The fabrics fall smoothly and feel like a second skin. They include daring lace and fabrics that are very innovative in bridal fashion, including guipure lace and tulle. New in the collection, in addition to the predominantly creamy white, is a touch of color: ‘dragée’ is a shade somewhere between ‘nude’ and rose and gives an extra ‘touch’ to the collection.

Finally, there are many star motifs in the Rembo Styling collection, a nod to the prêt à porter!