Warning: Summer brides only

You should really think about… when to order your dress

Hey there ☀️

We know summers are long and blissful. Warm vibes, fizzy drinks, tanned skin, nothing really seems to happen – or does it? Well, with a summer wedding ahead, time is key. To all our summer brides, here’s your calling. Time to order your dress 🤍

According to the experts, you should start your search about 8 to 9 months prior to the wedding date! Keep in mind

“your dress needs final retouches in the bridal store, and this time frame allows you to find it, avoiding any stressful situation” says Chiara De Vlieger, Head of Design of Rembo Styling.

And what fabrics should I search for? you may ask. Quality first will always be our #1 priority. According to Chiara, “a good quality fabric is soft on the skin and always feel light enough, even in summer”.

Our Love For Ever Dress is a great example – it has long sleeves, but thanks to volume and the lightness of the mousseline, it can be perfectly worn during summer. “Finding the right fabrics for our wedding dresses really is a big part of the creation. We do a lot of research within this field to make sure the quality of each fabric matches our standard”, she adds “chiffon and light crepe are the way to go for a summer look!”

Our goal at Rembo Styling is to make every bridal dream happen by offering flexible delivery terms. Producing everything ourselves in Portugal can luckily make this happen! Of course, we still need time to stock the right materials for your dress, cut fabrics, sew and iron them! That’s why we would say now really is the time to make your final choice in case you’re getting married this summer!