Sumptuous sweetheart

The 2017 boho bride make-up style

At Rembo styling we care for our brides! Not only should your bridal dress match all your wishes, we want every one of our brides to look stunning and make sure she blows her audience away.

We’ve asked Ines Borgonjon, the Senior Makeup Artist from M.A.C. ​for some tips and tricks​.​ Matching her make up expertise with our passion to design beautiful and unique boho chic dresses, we ​have ​created the ultimate temporary wedding look for future Rembo brides called ‘Sumptuous sweetheart’.

Sumpt​uous sweetheart is a playful, soft yet peppy look for a blushing bride and perfectly matches the softness of our dresses! This look is a little daring but still keep​s​ it’s natural cool without being over the top. Add a touch of red drama on the lips to complete your ultimate wedding look!

‘We want our brides to shine until the very last minute of their wedding.’

Ines: ‘We want our brides to shine until the very last minute of their wedding. Therefore, we start the day with an extensive clean​sing with our ‘Lightful C’ marine-bright formula (softening lotion)! After clean​sing, it’s time to hydrate the skin with our ​​Studio ​Moisture ​Cream for the face and mineralize charged water moisture cream for the eyes. Indispensable for a bridal look is a lip conditioner because there is obviously a lot of kissing involved on a wedding day! To further build on the look we use the ​​Studio ​Waterweight ​Foundation.

​Once the bas​e​ is ​ready, we start to build up the ultimate Rembo styling look;


  • Mineralize skinfinish Powder
  • Cream colour base ‘vintage rose’ + Mineralize blush ​ ‘gleeful’
  • Highlights with ​Pre + Prime Highlighter ‘light​ boost’



  • Base:​​ ​Pro Longwear ​Paint ​Pot ​inconstructivist
  • Eye shadow:​​ x9 times ‘burgundy times 9’ combined with gold mine eye shadow
  • Technakohl liner ‘steel point’
  • False ​Lashes ​W​aterproof Mascar​a (so important: waterproof!)



  • Retromatte liquid lipstick: ‘Dance with me’ + high drama to create the ultimate kissable lips


Want to try our Rembo Styling look yourself but still need a ​helping hand?
In all the M.A.C stores, M.A.C artists are dedicated to the art of makeup. Make an appointment in one of the stores for a beautiful and tailor-made wedding day makeup​ look.​

The price of the appointment is redeemable in M.A.C products purchased after the service. Find your M.A.C store on (90 minutes – €100) or on your local M.A.C. website.


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