The City Look

Flash those urban feels with a short dress for your wedding day

We believe fashion is timeless and should evoke what we are living in the moment. This collection was born to offer our brides a choice to celebrate their wedding in the heart of the city in a non-conventional way.

A practical and essential approach to a wedding,  focused on flattering shapes and premium fabrics that will make you feel confident and liberated in your own skin. By playing with different dimension dresses, skirts and jumpsuits, using mainly crepe and very modern laces, we are able to bring out your natural beauty.
The Civil Collection offers 10 essential and authentic looks, being the best compliment for the modern bride who chooses an intimate ceremony in a civil outfit.

Dress it up or tone it down by adding on your favorite jewelry.

The perfect pair of earrings can balance an entire look and we figured ways on how to make your dress pop with simple yet stunning proposals. Level up by simply experimenting with the best accessory trends.




A subtle statement as you look the other way around. It’s that uneven look that gives you balance, achieved by different dimension earrings on either side. Subtle with a minimalist appearance, finding their space into dresses like Liliana, our one-shoulder stunner who combines a classical touch with a modern design, and Eug√©nia, a dress with statement sleeves that needs no introduction.¬†A rounder shape¬†of earrings¬†always finds harmony in a clean, structured tailored
cut, which you might find in Comby, an effortless chic jumpsuit.



Unique placement

Alice is a modern piece that looks refined and gorgeous from every angle. By choosing accessories with unusual placement and elegant lines, with earrings that go up, instead of falling down, we create invisible lines and add character to a look. Using birds with widespread wings has to be one of the most romantic ways to this trend.
Unique placement_1
Gold geometric



Gold geometric

Minimal lines and geometric shapes look gorgeous on¬†an iconic piece, and¬†Clarinda is one of those. Long puffed sleeves and a lace overlay hold sweetness and character, while gold minimal jewelry adds some flare to it.¬†Golden earrings bloom by simply playing with the unexpected, a trend that recalls clean sophisticated pieces, like the beautiful Isabel that we’re looking at, made with sustainable fabric and a statement by being so unapologetically free and liberating for the bride.

Add it on top and see what a difference it makes. Accessories can blend into your look or elevate it, it’s all a matter of structure and taste.

All of the displayed jewelry comes from a minimal selection of not-so-simple pieces from the Portuguese designer Vera Manzoni. Gorgeous earrings inspired by natural elements that play with confidence and edginess in a glam look!