Rules of etiquette

Pull out accessories before dry clean.


We recommend using disposable under-arm shields.


Do not display garment in direct sunlight or UV light or allow perfume, deodorant, hairspray, cosmetics or liquids with alcohol base to come into contact with sequins, beads and fabrics as this may result in discoloration. Yet lots will vary.


If garment should become dampened by perspiration or moisture, dry in a well-ventilated area, away from heat or direct sunlight. Although there may be shadings, blemishes or imperfections in this, it’s not considered defective. This is the characteristic of this rich imported fabric and gives each garment its own individual beauty.


A perfectly ironed look on silk fabrics specifically satin silk is not always possible.


Pearls and sequins may be damaged by dry cleaning. Please test and take precautions; eventually remove pearls.


Remove Leaves and Flowers before cleaning.


Remove Applications, Beadings, Ribbons & Belts before cleaning.


For the cleaning: Contact a specialized cleaning center. Attention for the Pearls.