The designer’s interview:
Géraldine Simonnet

Rembo Styling: modern and luxurious boho chic

Working with a group of different designers enriches the creative team of Rembo Styling. Géraldine is one of the pioneers of our creative team and today she shares a unique insight in her creative mind!

What are the prevailing tendencies in bridal fashion?

In Paris I feel a certain traditional atmosphere coming back in bridal fashion. I don’t consciously participate in that. Instead I do it with classical volumes and give it a very contemporary touch by not taking it too seriously. The dresses are traditional due to their volume. A wedding dress may be a bit romantic, but also has to exude a certain “coolness” at the same time. It must be playful and festive.

What is your favorite of the collection?

A minimalist, sleeveless dress with a bare back. The silhouette is sober, it’s the materials – transparent pleated tulle and lace decorated with leaf motifs – that determine the dress. The arm opening is also bordered with leaf motifs.

Where do you get the inspiration from?

My designs are a reaction to what happens to young brides. Things that I feel. I am also guided by what I see on Instagram. What is now alive is the princess dress but in a whole new way. The atmosphere is romantic, sensual and can even be a bit rock & roll.

Rembo Styling stands for boho chic. How did that style evolve compared to last year?

Boho goes away from the folky style. The atmosphere is romantic and yet cool and chic. The collection is made for a contemporary princess. The skirts are voluminous and the back of the dress is very sensual with a bare back that changes to a flared bottom piece.

Who is the Rembo Styling bride?

The Rembo bride is well informed and expects something new. She wants a chic, affordable dress; there must still be enough money left for the champagne! (laughs)